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Camshaft Seal Replacement


How does the Camshaft Seal Works?

The camshaft, like the crankshaft, is an important component of the combustion process, which enables the car to move on the road. The motion of the camshaft is responsible for instigating valve movement. The air/fuel mixture is regulated, which then fuels the “big bang”. The lobs are used by the camshaft to push against and help open the valves as the camshaft rotates in sync with the piston.

Note: During compression and combustion, both valves are closed so that the combustion chamber is preserved.

The camshaft seal is located between the engine cylinder head and rocker cover, and it holds the camshaft from the timing end side. The purpose of the seal is to prevent the engine oil from leaking and keep the moving camshafts lubricated. Like other moving engine parts, the camshaft, to do its work properly, must be well lubricated and submerged in oil. The lubrication oil would leak out of the engine without the camshaft seal. This leakage of oil can befoul the engine bay and put the engine in danger due to insufficient lubrication. The camshaft seal can also keep contaminants like dust and dirt away from damaging the engine’s inner parts.

What to keep in mind during the replacement of the camshaft seal?

What does our expert recommend while replacing the camshaft seal?

The camshaft seal is one of the most important part of a car, which is made from a strong material, and it is capable of withstanding extreme pressure and temperature, but once it stops working, the only cure is its replacement. The good thing about replacement is that the seal is an inexpensive component, but replacing it can be a tough job.

How much it cost to replace the camshaft seal?

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