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Brake Warning Light is on Inspection


What is brake warning light all about?

Brake warning light is a indication that your vehicle’s braking system has developed a malfunction and it needs your immediate attention. when the brake warning light illuminates on the dashboard, you need to take it very seriously and resolve the situation immediately. Consult your vehicle’s manual to familiarize yourself with your car's brake warning lights. Some vehicles have a brake light, ABS and emergency brake, and each problem is differentiated by colour and different warning symbols.

What are the Common reasons of brake light warning message?

Following are the common reasons for your brake warning light to come on:

If you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms in your vehicle, find a mechanic and get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Can I drive with a brake warning light on my dash?

It depends what type of problem has occurred on your car, if its brake pads wearing thin light or abs warning light then yes but only drive it to the repair shop or book a mobile mechanic to get it fixed, don’t ignore the warning light and get it fixed straight away The brake warning light is a serious problem. If you run out of brake fluid, your brakes may stop working completely.

What is a cost of brake warning light inspection service?

It depends on the area you are getting your car fixed from as the labour rate varies with location. Typically its between £50 to £80 to get your car brake inspection done. To find out the exact cost of brake warning light inspection on your vehicle, simply select your car at the top of the page and enter your postcode.