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Brake Vacuum Pump Replacement

What is the Brake Vacuum Pump all about?

The brake Vacuum Pump/booster is a device that helps improve the effects of the hydraulic brake system in motor vehicles as a supplement to the primary brake mechanism. Every time you press the brake pedal, the power is transferred to a rod. This rod passes the brake booster and reaches the master cylinder. The rod pressure activates the master cylinder piston and works in hydraulic brake systems.

The brake booster chamber contains a vacuum generated by the engine. This camera has two sections that are vertically separated by a rubber membrane. When the brake pedal presses the rod, a small amount of air is admitted into the chamber on the brake pedal side through a valve that also seals the vacuum. This air pressure on one side of the membrane helps to improve the braking force.

In vehicles with turbocharger or diesel as fuel, however, the engine does not generate the required vacuum. Therefore, you need an additional vacuum pump for the brake booster to extract the air and create the necessary vacuum for the brake booster to work. Vehicles that are usually used at great heights also require a brake booster vacuum pump.

The vacuum pump of the brake booster reduces the dependence of the motor on the vacuum and can work independently. This device uses an electrical control circuit to operate. Is activated by a signal from the brake booster that monitors the negative pressure in the brake booster.

How brake vacuum pump is replaced?

What are the recommendations of brake vacuum pump replacement?

If you find that the brakes are not responding as desired, make an appointment with one of our experienced mechanics and have the brake booster system fully checked. The mechanic checks the brake booster vacuum pump for damage and informs you when it needs to be replaced. Recommendations on how often you should replace the vacuum pump of the brake booster can be found in the operating instructions.

The brake booster vacuum pump must be able to hold up to 18 inches of vacuum for the brake booster to operate. If you notice that the pedal has slipped onto the vehicle floor or brake pedal needs alot of force to be pressed when applying brakes and you hear a hissing sound, this may indicate a leak in the air line or on the vacuum pump of the brake booster.

What common symptoms suggest you may need to replace the brake vacuum pump?

Can i drive with a faulty brake vacuum pump?

No. A defective brake booster vacuum pump does not generate the correct vacuum that is required for brake boosters or power brakes to function. This undermines the effectiveness of your brakes and can pose a safety risk.

brake vacuum pump

How much does it cost to replace brake vacuum pump on a car?

Repair of the brake vacuum pump depends on the make, model and type of mechanism used on the vehicle.
A typical mid-priced brand like FordFiatHyundaiHondapeugeotvauxhallor hyundaican cost between £ 225 and £ 575 at an authorised dealer.
If you drive a luxury model like a LexusAlfa RomeoMercedesor BMW, then you can expect prices to rise anywhere up to £ 365– £ 755.
At the top end of the scale, for those of you lucky enough to drive a PorscheLotus, or Jaguar, you can expect to pay up to £ 420– £ 1250 for the job.