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Brake Shoe Wheel Cylinder Replacement


What is the brake wheel cylinder about?

The cylinders on the brake wheels press the brake shoes against the brake drum and cause friction that slows the car down. They are located in the brake drums in rear  braking system. Over time, the wheel cylinder seals can wear out and brake fluid can leak out, reducing the effectiveness of the brakes.

How to change brake wheel cylinder?

What are the recommendations about  wheel cylinder  replacement?

It is a good idea to check the brake wheel cylinders once a year. You should check your brake system immediately when the brake warning light is on. The brake wheel cylinders are replaced in pairs. Both rear tires get new cylinders.

What common symptoms suggest you may need to replace the brake wheel cylinder?

Can i drive with a faulty or leaked wheel cylinder?

No. When you step on the brake pedal, the brake wheel cylinder exerts pressure on the brake shoe. This pressure pushes the brake shoe into contact with the brake drum and creates friction that allows your vehicle to slow down and stop. If the brake wheel cylinder stops working, you will no longer be able to apply enough force to the brake shoe and your vehicle will not be able to brake as effectively as it should.

brake wheel cylinder

How much does it cost to replace brake wheel cylinder?

Repair of the brake wheel cylinder depends on the make, model and type of mechanism used on the vehicle.
A typical mid-priced brand like FordFiatHyundaiHondapeugeotvauxhallor hyundaican cost between £ 120 and £ 250 at an authorized dealer.


Following are the statistics of Brake Shoe Wheel Cylinder Replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Seat IBIZA £ 135.49
Fiat PANDA £ 71.99