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What is Handbrake Brake shoe, and what does it do?

Handbrake shoes are moulded half-circles which include friction pads positioned against a cylindrical metal drum frame to rest. Handbrake shoes operate on a spring mechanism that pulls the shoe away from the wall just enough to enable the drum to move effortlessly when driving When you stop and activate the handbrake, the handbrake shoes are pressed against the drum wall to keep the car in place.

The handbrake forces braking shoes manually against the rim for drum brakes. The drum is the core of a disc brake rotor for vehicles with disc brakes. The handbrake shoes are placed on the inside of the drum and pressed against the brake drum wall when the handbrake is applied.

Signs of faulty handbrake/parking brake are.

You cause minute quantities of wear and tear on your brake pads each time you engage your vehicle's brakes. This friction allows small amounts of protective coating to wear away from the brake pads and brake shoes. Below are a few signs of faulty handbrake shoes.

When should you consider replacing handbrake brake shoes?

Over time, handbrake shoe is subject to degradation which can be associated with a running or spinning vehicle, while the handbrake is engaged. If you have any handbrake issues, it is best to have the brake checked and remove the brake shoes if necessary. We recommend regular cleaning and maintenance of the braking system as per manufacturer standards.

brake shoe

Handbrake/Parking brake shoe Replacement Cost?

Handbrake/parking brake shoe replacement cost can vary depending on the make and model of your car and the quality of parts needed to do the job, put your car registration and your postcodes to get your car fixed by a qualifies mobile mechanic.