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Brake servo replacement


What is Brake Servo and how it works?

The brake servo is a system which increases the driver's foot pressure on the brake pedal. Using a brake servo doesn't improve braking performance; it simply helps with the amount of force needed for brake operation. The four-piston front brake callipers and a brake servo system providing enhanced pedal response are just as critical for the car's performance.
The brake servo uses engine vacuum to increase the pressure you apply on the brake pedal. Brake servo is a metal canister holding a smart valve and a diaphragm. A rod going through the middle of the canister attaches on one side to the piston of the master cylinder and on the other to the pedal.

Signs of faulty handbrake/parking brake are.

By feeding brake fluid into the braking system, brake servo transforms the pressure on the brake pedal to hydraulic pressure and adjusts that according to the mechanical force. Here are few signs if brake servo develops a fault.

When should you consider replacing handbrake brake shoes?

The Brake servo is prone to deterioration, especially if the adjacent brake master cylinder has leaks. If you encounter any brake problems mentioned above, it is advisable to check the system and replace the brake booster if necessary. Regular service to the brakes is essential to maintaining a stable working life. It is vital to service the brakes as and when stated in the manufacturer's instructions for your vehicle.


Brake Servo Replacement Cost?

Brake servo replacement cost can vary depending on the make and model of your car and the quality of parts needed to do the job, we have upfront and transparent prices available, put your car registration and your postcodes and get your car fixed by a professional mobile mechanic.



Following are the statistics of Brake servo replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Vauxhall Zafira £ 297.44
Jaguar XF £ 700.48
Ford Focus £ 412.88
Ford Focus £ 394.99