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Brake safety Inspection


What is brake safety Inspection?

Brakes are an essential part of any vehicle and they plays very important role in an emergency stopping of a vehicle. Proper maintenance and prompt response to warning signs will ensure your car comes to a stop every time you step on the brakes. There are two types of braking systems brake disc and brake drum. They both work on the same principle using friction and resistance.

Drum brakes get their name from the fact that the components are housed in a round drum that spins with the wheel. Inside the drum is a set of shoes that force them against the drum when the brake pedal is pushed down. In a disc brake configuration a brake rotor also known as brake disc is connected to the wheel hub. There is another component known as brake caliper which sits on the brake disc and inside the caliper there are two brake pads holding the brake disc from both sides. When the brake pedal is pressed caliper squeezes brake pads against the surface of brake disc and vehicles slows down or stops completely.
Over time, this friction will wear down the brake pad, which is why it should be replaced regularly. The calipers apply pressure to the brake pad. The grippers work with a hydraulic system.

The hydraulic system consists of a master cylinder, a network of hoses filled with brake fluid, and wheel calipers or wheel cylinders. When you press the brake pedal, the master cylinder multiplies this pressure and causes the brake pads on the rotors to close and the car stops.
Brake systems require regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance. When the brake pads are worn you need to replace them, Failure to do so can damage your brake discs. The brake discs also wear out over time and when the thickness is too thin to dissipate heat, they will need to be replaced.

What are the common brake repairs and how to find out when you need them?

In most cases, your car tells you when you need to repair brakes. It could be a light on the dashboard, a beep, or various other indicators.
The most common warning signs and causes of braking problems are as follow:

Book a mechanic immediately if the brake pedal nearly reaches the ground before it works.
Whether it's at the time of your annual brake inspection or if you've experienced any of the symptoms listed above, Find a mobile mechanic on Our mobile mechanics comes to your home or office for all your car repair.

What happen during this inspection?

Mechanic will inspect the entire brake system (brake pads, brake discs, calipers, master cylinder, fluid, hoses, drums, shoes, metering valve, ABS, and wheel cylinders). to get an idea of the symptoms you are experiencing while using the car. After the inspection, the mechanic will provide a detailed report outlining the source and cause of the brake problem, as well as the extent and cost of the repairs needed.

Can I drive with a brake problem?

NO. There is no safe operation of a vehicle without properly working brakes. If you suspect a problem with your brake system, do not drive the car and request an inspection as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to get brakes inspected?

It depends on the area you are getting your car brakes checked from. The average cost for a brake system inspect is between £60 and £90 in the united kingdom. To find out the exact cost of brake safety inspection in your area please select your car and area at the top of the page.