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Brake Pedal Pulsating Inspection


Brake Pedal Pulsating

Disc brakes are the invention of the century. They offer a lot of superior performance than the older drum brakes. They can even be paired with the advanced ABS system that helps prevent wheels from locking up while hard braking or braking while in the rain or on wet terrain.

However, if you feel your brakes pulsating, its time for a car checkup.


How Brake Pedal works?

The brake system (Disc brakes & Drum brakes) works on the rule of friction. When the rotor between the brake pads is squeezed by the caliper, it creates friction. That is how your car slows down. Heat is also produced in the process.

If the rotors heat up too much, high points are created on their surface. This can also warp them. The most common way it can happens if the rotors are heated up, and you pass through a puddle, immediately cooling down the rotors in the process, also warping them.

Both high spots and warping cause the brake pads to skip and grab as they move over the rotor’s surface. This process translates as “Pulsations”. There is also a possibility of facing pulsations from the ABS system.

If you experience pulsations only upon hard braking or when driving in wet, chances are its just normal ABS operation. But you should not be facing this while normal braking on dry terrain.


What are the Common Reasons Behind Brake Pedal Pulsations?

What is recommended when you feel the Brake Pedal Pulsations?

The solution to brake pedal pulsations and unwanted vibrations resides in finding a high-quality brake pad manufactured for a specific type of vehicles that are far less likely to create prominent disc thickness variations, even in less than perfect calipers.


What is the Cost of Brake Pedal replacement?

One of our professional mobile mechanics will visit your home, office or any place you find convenient and inspect your car for any anomalies in brake pads, brake fluids, rotors or any other component that can cause this problem.

After the inspection mechanic will provide a full inspection report with the scope of problem, a possible fix and the cost that it can incur.