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Brake Pedal Lower than Usual Inspection


Brake Pedal Lower than Usual

Brake pedal functionality is to control the brakes and slow down the car when pressed. The brake pedal employs a class-two lever, which makes it easier for us to apply enough force easily to stop or slow down the car. Sometimes, however, brake pedals get soft and can be a little lower than their normal place.

How does the brake pedal work?

A hydraulic brake system uses brake fluid to transfer the pressure from the brake pedal to brake pads. When you push down the brake pedal, it applies the pressure on the master cylinder that in turn opens the door for brake fluid to enter the compensating port, increasing the pressure in the hydraulic system. The master cylinder then applies the pressure to the brake pads, and the reverse happens when your foot comes off the brake pedal.


What are the common reasons for brake pedal being lower than usual?


What is the recommended action for low brake pedal?

If your car’s brake pedal is lower than usual from one of the many reasons, you should get it checked right away as spongy brakes or improper braking system can have some serious implications. Book a mechanic to diagnose and eradicate the problem as soon as possible.


How much it costs to adjust the low brake pedal?

The cost of adjusting your faulty brake pedal depends on the make and model of the car. Our expert mobile mechanics will do a detailed inspection of your brake pedal at your doorstep. To get an estimated price of this service, visit the top of the page and select your car and the service you want with it.