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Brake Pedal is hard to push Inspection


What is Brake pedal is hard to push Inspection?

Modern vehicle’s braking systems are equipped with brake master cylinder and brake servo and is  a vacuum assisted brake booster system. A vacuum diaphragm multiplies the force you apply to the brake pedal, making it easier for you to brake and giving you more control.When the brake pedal is depressed the vacuum source closes and allowing atmospheric pressure to enter from one side of the vacuum diaphragm. This causes the master cylinder pistons to apply the required pressure on the brake calipers which in-turns pushes the brake pads across the brake discs and the vehicles slows down or stops completely. When you take your foot off the brake pedal, vacuum returns to both sides of the diaphragm and the master cylinder pistons return to their normal position.

The pedal can become stiff and difficult to press In cases when there is a vacuum leak or break servo failure, the car brakes still works but the driver feels it very uncomfortable while stopping the vehicle.

What are the Common reasons of brake pedal to become stiff?

Following are the causes which makes a brake pedal hard to be pushed down:

What happen after you book this inspection?

A professional mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to inspect your brake system and will provide a detailed report describing the source and cause of the braking problem, as well as the extent and cost of any repairs needed.

Can I drive with a hard to press brake pedal?

Even though the brakes are hard to hit, they will likely still work. However, the braking will not be assisted, which means that you will have to press the pedal much harder to stop your vehicle. Book a mechanic as soon as possible to diagnose the problem, as it is dangerous to drive a vehicle with difficult braking.

What is the cost of the brake fluid leak inspection service?

It depends on the area from which you are going to repair your car. To find out the exact cost of inspecting your vehicle's brake system, simply select your car at the top of the page.