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Brake Pads Wearing Out Quickly Inspection


Brake Pads Wearing Out Quickly

Modern Disc brakes are far more superior on road than the older drum brakes in several ways offering superior stopping power and ability to be equipped with “Anti-Lock Technology” to enhance the safety while driving. But there is a catch too. The pads on the disc brakes wear off more quickly than the shoes on drum brakes. If you notice your brake pad wearing too often and too soon, it calls for attention.

How brake pads work?

A standard disc brake consists of a caliper, two brake pads, and a rotor (per wheel). When the brake pedal is pushed down, brake oil from the brake master cylinder enters into the calipers. As a result, the calipers piston comes out and squeezes the rotor between the inner and outer brake resulting in the car slowing down. This process also creates friction and heat, resulting in the brake pad getting worn off. Brake pads are generally good to use from anywhere between 30,000-35,000 miles.


What are the common symptoms of brake wear?


What are recommended actions if brake pads are wearing quickly than normal?


What would it cost to replace brake pads?

Our mobile mechanics offer their services all over the UK. They can visit your home and thoroughly inspect your braking system and then provide a detailed report that will include the scope and cost of any necessary repairs.