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Brake light is not working Inspection


What is brake light is not working Inspection?

Brake lights are not only a safety component of the vehicle but it is also a legal requirement and a MOT failure, It comes under a category of major defects in a vehicle. If your brake lights don't work, you not only put yourself and the other occupants of the vehicle in danger but also other road users. Some vehicles have a warning light when the brake lights do not work but if your car doesn't have an indicator light, be sure to check the brake lights on a regular intervals.

What are the Common reasons of a brake light failure?

Following are the common reasons for a brake light to stop working:

What happened when you book this inspection?

When you book this inspection a top-notch mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to determine the source and cause of the non-working brake light, then provide you with a detailed inspection report that includes the scope and cost of any necessary repairs.

Can I drive with a non working brake light bulb?

No. It is dangerous to drive without your brake lights working properly, as drivers behind you will not be alerted when you brake. Driving with a broken or failed brake light is illegal, so in order to keep yourself and other road users safe simply find a mechanic to diagnose the problem as soon as you realize that a brake light is not working.

What is the cost of brake light Inspection service?

It depends on the local labour rate of the area from which you are going to repair your car. To find out the exact cost of brake light Inspection service on your vehicle, simply select your car at the top of the page.