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Brake fluid is leaking Inspection


What is Brake Fluid Leak Inspection?

Brakes are the most important and fundamental safety system in any vehicle. The results could be catastrophic if your vehicle’s brakes fails while driving. Most car have hydraulic braking systems , which means fluid is sent under pressure through brake lines from the master cylinder to the calipers and brake cylinders to activate the brake shoes or brake pads in turns slowing or stopping the vehicle is achieved. If your brake fluid is leaking, it is a sign that something is seriously wrong. Brake fluid is very important for hydrauli brake to work, if there is a fluid leak somewhere in the system, it could mean that you won't have enough brake fluid for the brakes to work properly.

What are the Common reasons of brake fluid leak?

Following are the causes of brake fluid leak:

If you see any brake oil leak in your vehicle don’t ignore it and find a mechanic straight away. With smart servicing centre you can book your car repair and servicing on a click of a button and a professional mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to inspect your car.

Can I drive with a brake fluid leak?

NO. Brake oil is a key component for your brake to work properly. Without a functioning brake system, your car cannot be driven legally or safely. Fluid leaks are a cause for concern. If the fluid level drops below a certain level, the brakes will not work. It is essential to have your brake system inspected during normal maintenance and to pay particular attention to the fluid level in the reservoir. Any leaks should be inspected and repaired immediately. One of our professional mechanics can inspect, diagnose and repair your brake fluid leak if your book with us.

What is a cost of brake fluid leak inspection service?

It depends on the area you are getting your car fixed from. To find out the exact cost of brake warning light inspection on your vehicle, simply select your car at the top of the page and enter your postcode.