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Brake fluid is leaking around clutch pedal Inspection


What is Brake fluid leaks around the clutch pedal Inspection?

Although cable clutches are quite common, so are hydraulic clutches. However they are not without problems. If you have noticed a brake fluid leak around the clutch pedal, there is definitely a problem. A hydraulic clutch works on the same principle as brakes. It uses hydraulic pressure to activate the clutch and disengage the engine from transmission drive shaft, allowing you to change gears. When the clutch pedal is pushed down clutch master cylinder pressurises the clutch fluid and sends it to the clutch slave cylinder which in turns allowing you to change gears. All cars clutch master and slave cylinders share brake fluid with the brake system. The fluid is sent from the brake master cylinder.

What are the Common reasons of brake fluid leaks around a clutch pedal?

What happens when you book this inspection?

When you book with smart servicing centre one of our qualified mechanics will come to your office or home and inspect the pedal for leaks, as well as the clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, and fluid level. The mechanic will then provide a detailed inspection report that includes the scope and cost of any necessary repairs.

Can I drive when there is a brake oil fluid leak around clutch pedal?

No. As all vehicles used same brake oil for clutch and brake systems, If you notice a brake fluid leak around the clutch pedal, you need to act quickly and stop using the vehicle further , find a mechanic straight away get it fixed before continuing your driving. A fluid leak reduces the amount of brake fluid in the system and low brake fluid level can cause both systems to malfunction and make driving your vehicle dangerous. One of our professional mechanics can inspect your leak, determine the cause, and repair it so you can get back on the road safely.

What is a cost of brake fluid leak inspection service?

It depends on the area you are getting your car fixed from. To find out the exact cost of brake fluid leak inspection on your vehicle, simply select your car at the top of the page and enter your postcode.