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Brake Fluid Inspection


Brake Fluid Too Old? Old or Contaminated Brake Fluid Inspection

Our vehicles need several different fluids to run smoothly or function properly for example, engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and coolant, all these are examples of important fluid your car needs.

Another among these is “Brake Fluid”. Like all other fluids, brake fluid loses its potency over time and then needs to be replaced with a brake system flush. If you notice that your brake fluid has changed color to black or brown, it’s time to change the fluid.


How Brake Fluid Works?

Fluid pressure helps the brakes function optimally. The pressure is created by the combination of the master cylinder and brake booster, which then moves into the caliper and shoe actuator. The clarity of fluid can be checked by its color, which is light gold in its original form. It also depends on whether your car needs DOT-4 or DOT-5 brake fluid.

Brake fluid is stored in two places, the master cylinder reservoir and brake lines that spread from the master cylinder to each wheel. Brake lines consist of steel and rubber lines. With the passage of time, brake fluid gets polluted and starts to change its color to black or brown.

It is mandatory to change the brake fluid regularly before it can change its color. Over time brake fluid can absorb moisture from the surrounding air, which causes the fluid degradation and contaminates it. This can result in low braking performance because of low pressure on the braking pedal. You will feel the brake pedal is soft or spongy and needs to be pushed many times before it works properly.


What are the Common Reasons Brake Fluid Gets Contaminated?

What to Expect During Brake Fluid Inspection?

An experienced mechanics will visit your home or office and visually check your brake fluid’s condition, the condition of the master cylinder, and the rest of the system to assess if the problem is of normal nature and brake fluid has just gotten old over time and after abundant use. The mechanic will then provide a detailed inspection report that will include the scope and cost of the necessary repairs.


What would it cost to change Brake Fluid?

The mechanic will provide the quote after the inspection of the underlying problem. For an estimated cost, please visit the top of the page and choose the car in the given category.