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Brake Fluid Renew

What is Brake Fluid and what does it do?

Brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid used in automobiles for hydraulic brake and hydraulic clutch applications and used for transferring force to pressure and amplifying braking force. It works, as liquids are not significantly compressible.
Brake fluid, also known as hydraulic fluid, is responsible for moving the different components of the braking system in your vehicle. The fluid operates under high temperatures and high pressure, and you would not be able to stop your car without that once you press the brake pedal.

When should you consider replacing Brake Fluid?

Over time, brake fluid can absorb air moisture, which will cause the fluid to degrade and fail to function correctly. That is why it is essential to drain the oil fluid out frequently and replace it with new fluid to ensure proper functionality of the brake fluid. Although every vehicle has different maintenance needs, most mechanics suggest changing the fluid for brakes every one to two years.
Because brake fluid purposes are so integral to safety, check your owner's manual for the recommended schedule for brake fluid changes. If it's still unclear how often you should change fluids or if you suspect your braking system is not working as it should, its time to call smart servicing centre for help!

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Brake Fluid replacement cost?

Cost of brake fluid replacement depends on recommendations by the manufacturer. There are several different types and grades available on the market.
With our years of industry knowledge and millions of quotes provided, we have upfront and transparent prices available, simply put your car registration and your postcodes to get the best prices available at your doorstep. On average the brake fluid replacement cost on most of the medium range and small range cars is between £78 to £98.