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Brake Caliper Replacement

What are Brake Callipers and how it works?

Brake callipers are essential to your car's ability to stop, and they are probably one of the crucial parts of the car brake system. Most of the cars today have disc brakes, at least for the front wheels, anyway. But many cars and trucks now also use disc brakes in the rear. Wheels of the vehicle are attached to metal discs that spin along with the wheels in a disc-braking system.

The brake calliper fits in like a clamp over the disc. Inside each calliper is a pair of metal plates bonded with material for friction, these are called brake pads. When you press down on brake pedal, the master cylinder brake fluid creates hydraulic pressure on one or more of the brake calliper pistons, forcing the pads against the rotor. The brake pads have high-friction surfaces and serve to slow down or even stop the disc altogether. When the rotor is slowing or stopping, so is the wheel.

What are the Signs of faulty brake Callipers?  

Brake pads should wear out with regular use. They're expected to. And, of course, under certain conditions, they can wear more quickly, such as sudden aggressive stops or a driver riding the brake pedal. But if the brake calliper fails, they can wear it out too rapidly. Here are some indications that one of your brake callipers is going wrong:


brake caliper replacement

When should you consider replacing Brake Callipers?

Each time you do some brake work on your vehicle, whether it's pads, disc or a fluid flush, the callipers should be thoroughly inspected for any potential needs. This is the time to check for corrosion, leakage or any signs of damage. Replacing brake pads and brake discs is the perfect time to replace callipers as well.

Another chance is when brake discs are removed to work on things behind them, such as wheel hubs, bearings, axle shaft seals, or the axles themselves.

We're going to take this opportunity to highlight the importance of replacing both front or back callipers in pairs-unless the one on the opposite side is relatively new. If so, make sure that you find an exact match of that calliper's make and model to ensure it has the same number of pistons, exerts the same amount of force, and contains pads of the same makeup and thickness.

what is the cost of replacing brake caliper?

It depends on the make and model of the car, on average its between £150  to £290 each on a mid range car. To find out the exact cost of replacing brake caliper on your car please type your car registration at the top of the page.


Following are the statistics of Brake Caliper Replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Nissan PRIMERA £ 193.16
Volvo C30 £ 175.33
Hyundai Coupe £ 204.60