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Boot Lid Release Cable Replacement


What is Boot Latch/Lid Release all about?

In some cars today, the Boot latch cable enables the driver to open the Boot at the back of the car just by pressing the button from inside the cabin, while in some others, it’s a mechanical lever inside the car that opens the Boot upon pulling. It works on the same principle as the hood latch release system, but this has superiority in case the cable fails. The driver has the option to open the Boot manually.

A Boot latch cable runs from the lever to the inside of your car, where the latch is present. When the release is pulled on the cord, it pulls the Boot latch release to open it. In a system with an electric button, the cable is running from the electronic actuator to the Boot latch. If the cable in the system breaks at any point, the Boot of your car will not open as it does not support manual opening.

In such cases, drivers will have to use their key to open it. The Boot latch can also be opened by a button on the key fob if the button in the car cabin is not working. If the cable is held or stuck, it most probably did in the open pistons, stopping the car’s Boot from opening.

What are the Common Symptoms Indicating Change of Boot Latch Release Cable?

What Do Our Experts Recommend if Boot Latch Release Cable Malfunctions?

If you feel any error in the system, for example, the Boot can only be opened by the key or the cable is stuck, call our expert mobile mechanic who can repair this for you at the ease of your home.

How Much Can It Cost to Fix Boot Latch Release Cable?

The price can only be determined after a thorough checkup by our mechanic as there can be different parts malfunctioning. Have a look at the price chart on our website to have an idea of the prices.