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Bonnet gas strut replacement

What is bonnet gas strut and how it works?

All vehicles uses a support system to hold the hood / bonnet when needs to get access to the vehicle’s engine. There are two types of supports commonly used on the vehicles to hold the bonnet.

1) Rod Bonnet Support.
2) Strut / Shock Absorber Support.

Strut used in order to provide support to keep the bonnet open is called bonnet gas strut. Some cars have pair of gas struts to hold the bonnet while other use one strut to do the job. Bonnet gas struts are filled with inert gas which keeps the structures open. The elevator takes over the storage energy when it is closed and when it is open, energy is released. If the hood lift brackets are weak or leaking, the hood may close slowly when opened or it may fall unexpectedly.

What are the symptoms indicating bonnet gas strut needs replacing?

Following are the common signs which indicates that you need to replace bonnet gas struts:

What are the recommendations of bonnet shock absorbers replacement?

There is no such replacement intervals or recommendations for bonnet gas strut.
Bonnet strut will eventually fail over time and use. You can extend the life of your bonnet shocks by keeping them clean from dirt and grime as dirt on the shock absorber cylinder arm can damage the seal and cause a leak. If you are having trouble with your bonnet lift shocks, find a mechanic and get them checked by a professional mechanic and if necessary replace them.

Can I drive with a faulty bonnet gas strut?

YES. The faulty or failed bonnet shock absorber cant stop you from driving your car, it will only cause you a trouble if you need a repair on your engine and mechanic needs access to the engine. Its better to get it fixed soon as possible in order to avoid trouble in case you need to get some work done on the engine.

What is a cost of bonnet gas strut replacement?

The cost of bonnet gas strut replacement depends on the car make and part quality . To find out the exact cost of bonnet gas strut replacement on your car, please select your car make and model at the top of the page. Smart Servicing Centre can provide any car repair and maintenance services through out the united kingdom. Our mobile mechanics comes to your home or office to carry out repair work on your car.