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Bleed hydraulic brake system


KNOW HOW about Brake Bleeding.

Key facts you need to know when it comes to bleeding brake system on your vehicle.
The term ' break bleeding' refers to the process in which air bubbles from the brake fluid present inside the  hydraulic braking systems are removed. The same bleeding air process from the system is also used to purge the old brake fluid system and replace it with new so that both procedures can be performed simultaneously.

This procedure is vital because brake fluid is incompressible liquid and air bubbles being compressible gas, presence of air bubbles in brake fluid can  significantly reduces the hydraulic pressure that can be developed within the system. In a brake bleeding  process the old brake  fluid is replaced with a new brake fluid.

The process is accomplished by forcing clean, bubble-free brake fluid through the entire system, usually from the master cylinder(s) to the disc brake callipers (or drum brake wheel cylinders), but in some cases in the opposite direction. Each wheel cylinder or calliper usually has a brake bleed screw mounted at the highest point.

Theoretically hydraulic brakes should only need bleeding if, for some reason, the system has been "opened," or if a leak has either allowed air to enter into the system .

If your vehicle uses DOT brake fluid, i.e. "DOT 5.1," the fluid should be renewed every 1-2 years. With time, water is absorbed by the fluid, which affects its compression.

Following are a few methods to perform brake bleeding.

Bleeding Brake Hydraulic System Cost?

Bleeding brake hydraulic system cost depends on the type of your car, fluid type and quantity of fluid that are needed according to manufacturer recommendations. Book your car brake bleeding with smart servicing centre, we have network of mobile mechanics and garages nationwide.