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Battery Replacement

Car Battery Replacement And Guide

Car battery is a crucial piece of equipment to start and driving your vehicle. If it fails to provide power, you can be in big trouble. It ruins your plans and makes your journey dreadful especially when you are using automatic cars. Only those will understand, who have gone through such trauma. Timely checking up or inspection of the battery can help in reducing such painful events.

What is the function of a car battery?

Automobiles mostly come with rechargeable batteries to give electric current to the car engines and other functional elements of a car. Car battery sends power from the starter motor to the sparks plugs, igniting your car’s fuel, while also giving power to other systems. The components of a car that need power include lights, radio, air conditioning, power steering / electric power steering, fuel pump, AC compressor, electric mirrors, electric parking brake, electric windows, ABS sensors, ABS pump, parking sensors, camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor, knock sensor, MAF sensor, and more. You may be able to tell when your car battery starts to die if you find it difficult to start, have flickering lights, or a weakening alarm system.

Car battery Inspection

When any of the above mentioned happens, do check your battery for;

If you really want your battery to survive through winter try to cover your car or park in your car porch/garage. Keep an eye on your battery by making a habit before leaving or make a periodic or scheduled check-up. It is recommended to replace your batteries before the season starts.

What is the cost of car battery replacement?

The cost of battery replacement depends on the vehicle make, model, part quality, and labor time to replace the battery. As the labor time and part price are not same for all makes and models, it's impossible to give the exact replacement cost of the battery unless we know the particular vehicle on which the price is required. To find out the precise cost of a battery replacement on your car, select the make and model at the top of the page.

On average, the car battery replacement cost on most mid-range vehicles is between £75 to £345, depending upon the start- stop feature. The cars with a start-stop function need an AGM battery or EFB battery to keep the electronics running while the engine is off. If you need a battery replacement service for your car, you can book a professional mobile mechanic from the smart servicing centre, who can come to your house or office to carry out the repair work. It is convenient and up to 30% cheaper than going to a garage.

What are the signs of a dead battery in a car?

It is said that “car battery is either good or its dead”. If your battery is dead following signs and symptoms can be seen;

Having a fully-functioning car battery is critical for optimal car operation. You can keep moving with a dying car battery but it is not recommended. It becomes difficult with latest editions of cars as they are more demanding for power. The dying car battery cannot just hurt your plans but also have the probability of getting into an accident. If you still have to drive, make sure to travel during day and stay on less trafficked roads.

battery replacement

Car battery replacement Service At Your Home

If the problem still persists, you need to remove or recycle a car battery. It is suggested to get a quote from us for testing and car battery replacement. We can send a mobile mechanic for car battery replacement or installation at your home. You can simply book a mobile car battery replacement to get your car battery replacement at your doorstep from our mechanic nearby.

Following are the statistics of Battery Replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Audi A4 £ 133.25
Suzuki SX4 £ 119.89
Kia PICANTO £ 127.89
Nissan Juke £ 131.58
Vauxhall Astra £ 129.25
Peugeot 308 £ 131.58
Ford Mondeo £ 135.35
Land Rover DISCOVERY £ 152.54
Audi A3 £ 132.24