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Auxiliary Water Pump Replacement

What is Auxiliary Water Pump All About?

When a car person hears the term “water pump” the first and the immediate thought that comes to his mind is the pump that circulates the engine coolant throughout the engine, keeping it within the best possible operating temperature. While this water pump in your engine compartment is the most important one, but there is another that serves an equally important role. This pump is found in some new makes and models of cars. Not all cars have auxiliary pumps.

The auxiliary water pump function is to regulate the car’s inner temperature while it’s cold outside. This pump’s whole function is to send an additional hot coolant into the heater core of the car so that you can turn on the heater inside the passenger compartment. The car’s heater uses the engine heat to keep the air warm that is being exhaled out of the car.

What to Keep in Mind While Inspecting Auxiliary Water Pump?

What are the Expert’s Recommendations While Replacing Auxiliary Water Pump?

What are the Common Symptoms Pointing towards a Problem in Auxiliary Water Pump?

What is the Price of Replacing Auxiliary Water Pump?

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