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Drive belt tensioner replacement

What is a Drive Belt Tensioner and how it works?

Driver belt tensioner is a spring loaded component attached with a pulley and it is bolted on the engine block close to crankshaft pulley. The purpose of drive belt tensioner is to keep the drive belt on the pulleys by maintaining a required tension on the belt which in turns make it possible for drive belt to rotate pulleys of all the other belt driven components such as power steering pump, AC compressor, Water pump and alternator.  

What are the drive belt tensioner replacement intervals?

There is no such mileage recommendations for drive belt tensioner replacement, Always give a good visual check inspection to drive belt tensioner when you get your car annual oil service or change your drive belt to ensure the drive belt tensioner is in good shape and is good working order. The drive belt tensioner last longer than the drive belts, so as long as your tensioner is inspected and is in good shape there is nothing to worry about.

What  are the symptoms of faulty or bad Drive Belt Tensioner?

If you notice any of the following symptoms in your car carry out a visual inspection of the drive belt tensioner to ensure its in good shape and order.


Can I drive with a faulty drive belt tensioner?

Its not recommended to drive a car with a faulty or failing drive belt tensioner because tensioner plays a very important role in keeping the drive belt in place as a result of which the belt driven components such as power steering pump, alternator, water pump and AC compressor works, failure in keeping the right tension on the drive belt will result in drive belt diminishing or in some cases drive belt comes off from the pulley causing further damage to the engine and the vehicle will not operate properly.

What is a cost of replacing a drive belt tensioner on a car?

It depends on the car make and model. To find out the exact cost of drive belt tensioner replacement on your car, please select your car make and model at the top of the page. Book your car repair with mobile mechanics and garages , who can come to your home or office to carry out repair work on your car.