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Alternator belt replacement


What is Alternator Belt what does it do ?

All the electrics in a car needs 12 volts to operate properly and this 12 volts is supplied by car battery, while the car battery is providing required voltage to all the electrical components of the car its own voltage starts reducing and here comes a need of a generator( alternator) to generate electricity and store it back to the battery. This alternator is a belt driven system and the belt which drives this alternator is called alternator belt.

Modern cars uses only one belt know as serpentine belt to drive all the belt driven components attached to the car engine such as power steering pump, AC compressor, water pump and alternator. 

The alternator belt is in continuous use while the engine is running and needs replacing after a certain level of wear and tear. If you ignore this belt it will develop cracks and will be broken and once the belt is broken your vehicle electric components will stop working and your car stalls.  

What are the recommended replacing intervals of alternator belt?

always check the condition of the belt every time you get your car serviced and if you see any cracks on the belt get it changed straight away. The alternator belt replacement intervals are between 60k to 70k miles depending upon the car make and model, Keep in mind in some cases it needs replacing early so its better to visually inspect it frequently.

What are the symptoms of failing or broken Alternator Belt?

Visually inspect the condition of the alternator belt if you notice any of these symptoms in your car:

alternator belt

Can I drive with a broken or faulty alternator belt?

The alternator belt is made up of rubber and it wears with age and usage. Alternator belt may be driving other belt driven components on the engine like power steering pump, AC compressor and water pump. If the belt breaks you wont be able to continue your drive for long as the car battery will start loosing power and very soon the engine will stall. You could be left stranded or in a dangerous situation if you keep on driving with the broken alternator belt.

What is a cost of replacing alternator belt on a car?

It depends on the make and model of the car, typically the cost of replacing alternator belt on cars is between £65 to £125. To find out the exact cost of power steering belt replacement on your car please select your car make and model at the top of the page.