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Air is Not Coming Out of Vents Inspection


Air is Not Coming Out of Vents

The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system in most of the modern vehicles is an intricately designed system that allows hot and cold air to pass into the cabin while filtering out any harmful bacteria that the air might contain.

Air vents are found under the dashboard and into the footwells. Get your car inspected readily if the air isn’t making into the cabin through vents.

How do the Air Vents Operate?

The process of air ventilation starts with fresh air from outside being drawn into the cabin through cowling under the windscreen.

Then the air is filtered by the “cabin filter” before it can be released into the cabin. This filter is also known as pollen filter or air conditioning filter. After the filtration process by cabin filter, a blower motor passes it into tubing directing the air to the vents that are pre-selected by the HVAC controls.

Most Common Symptoms of Faulty Air Vents?

If left unchecked for too long, the strain on the system can lead to compressor failure.

What are the best recommendations if Air is not Coming out of Car Vents?

What would it cost to get Air Vents fixed?

Our qualified mobile mechanic or auto electrician will come to your place and inspect for any anomalies in the cabin filter. If there are any type of blockages, they will be removed. He will also check the operating capabilities of the blower motor and fan speed resistor.

A quote will then be prepared depending on the circumstances and nature of repair.