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Air Conditioning Is Not Working Inspection



Air Conditioning is Not Working

Imagine being in a car with a non-functioning AC in the summer heat, the situation does not look good. Air Conditioning may not play a part in getting you from your home to office or back, but it sure makes the journey less tedious. If your car’s AC is not working, it sure qualifies for a checkup by a mechanic to make your next journeys cooler.

How Air Conditioning System Works?

In layman terms, the AC of a car works by intentionally controlling the temperature, the refrigerant’s pressure, and a direct relation that they share.
It begins by creating a high-pressure gas by compressing the refrigerant inside the car’s AC system to raise both the temperature and pressure. This refrigerant then flows through a condenser, which converts it into a hot and high-pressure liquid before moving onto the receiver.

Receiver’s function is to remove the moisture and extra particles from it. After this process, it now moves into an expansion valve, also called as orifice tube, that reduces refrigerant’s pressure and makes the liquid change its form into a cold low-pressure gas.

To complete the conversion from liquid to gas, refrigerant must have “latent heat” that it must take from its surroundings inside the evaporator. As the heat gets pulled from evaporator core to almost below 0 degrees the blower sends that cold air into the car through vents.

What are the symptoms of faulty AC?

What are our recommendations while dealing with AC problems?

What does it cost to get AC repair services?

A top-rated mechanic will arrive at your place and carry out the inspection and determine the cause of the AC problems. The price depends on the type of problems that your car’s AC system faces.