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Accelerator Pedal Is Stuck Inspection


Accelerator Pedal Is Stuck Inspection

If any foreign object is not obstructing the connection between the throttle pedal and your car engine, a non-functioning accelerator pedal is almost always the result of an unwanted stuck throttle body. 

You can visually check for obstructions by looking around the gas pedal or the floor mat near the pedal for anything that can stop the pedal from pressing. 

The goo at the throttle body can make opening and closing the throttle an unpleasant experience. The experience can also be very daunting for drivers as the car will speed up suddenly to full speed and be unresponsive to any braking efforts. Many mechanical malfunctions can cause the situation, e.g., faulty throttle, external interference, or many more contributes to such incidents. 

What are the common reasons for the stuck accelerator pedal?

What to expect during the inspection of a stuck accelerator pedal?

An experienced mechanic will visit your home or office and inspect your car for the problem. A stuck gas pedal can be very dangerous, so a detailed inspection is necessary. The mechanic might take your vehicle for a test drive to fully understand the source and the cause of the problem. After the inspection, he will provide an inspection report that will include all the details about the problem, how it’s affecting the car, and how it can be fixed.

Smart Throttle System
Some modern cars come with a “Smart Throttle” technology. These computer-based algorithms recognize when both the brakes and the gas pedal are being depressed. They also inform the engine to give priority to the brakes and ignore the pressed pedal. 

How much it costs to fix stuck accelerator pedal?

The price for a stuck gas pedal will be determined after the mechanic takes a thorough look at your car and decide which parts are malfunctioning. For an estimated price quote, please visit our website.