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AC Condenser Replacement

What is AC condenser and how it works?

The Air condition System of any vehicle has several component’s such as;  compressor, condenser, , evaporator, receiver dryer and hoses, these components are connected together to perform cooling process.

compressor takes the refrigerant and transfer it  to the condenser after pressurising the gas (refrigerant), AC condenser is a component that converts AC refrigerant (ac-) gas into liquid refrigerant by cooling. The heat generated during this cooling process has to be dissipated, which is done by the condenser fan.

What are the symptoms of faulty AC condenser?

What are the recommendations about the AC condenser Replacement?

There are several reasons why an AC capacitor can go bad. An example is when the condenser fan is not working properly, in which case the condenser will not cool properly and may even damage the system. Problems can also arise when the capacitor leaks. This usually means that the condenser tubes and gaskets are worn due to normal use, but it can also mean that the condenser has been damaged by road debris. In other cases, the condenser may also be clogged, usually because the coolant is contaminated with debris from other parts of the system. It is important that these issues are resolved as quickly as possible to avoid further and more costly damage to other parts of the system. If you have any problems with the AC system or the capacitor, it is recommended that you inspect the AC system and the AC capacitor and, if necessary, replace the condenser.

AC Condenser

What is a cost of replacing AC condenser?

The cost of replacing an air conditioning (AC) condenser depends on the make and model of the vehicle. Find out what you could save by replacing your AC capacitor with Smart servicing centre by selecting your car at the top of this page, we have a network of professional mechanics throughout the uk. A rough estimate of AC condenser replacement on mid range modern cars is between £350 to £600 including re-gas the AC system.