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Have you ever thought, Brake discs do not need to be changed because they are metal and only the brake pads need replacement? In fact, brake disc surface worn smoothly, when outer area (edge) rose up its time to replace them.

Due to the amount of use that the brake discs get, they will have to be replaced over time. The brake discs on a car usually last anywhere between 50,000 and 70,000 miles.

6 Signs Your Brake Discs Needs Replacing

  • vibration through the steering wheel or brake pedal when brakes is applied while driving.
  • metal on metal noise.
  • Brake discs scored, Rusted or pitted.
  • outer area (edge) rose up.
  • Un Even wear.
  • Cracks in the disc

Unsurprisingly metal on metal doesn't stop you very well when compared to metal and rubber. Ignoring these warning signs is dangerous, not just for you but other road users as well.

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