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Anti-Roll Bar Drop Link Replacement

What is anti-roll bar drop link?

Anti- roll bar link also known as drop link, stabiliser link or sway bar link . The purpose of drop link is to keep the vehicle stable during sharp turns. In a tight turn and prevent the vehicle from roll over, you will feel your body “roll” as the weight of the vehicle leans out of the turn. The stabilizer bar links prevent your vehicle from tipping or leaning too far into a turn. They also ensure adequate traction on all four tyres. Anti-roll bar drop links are connected to the sway bar on one end and to the shock absorber on the other end, When functioning properly, these links will keep you and your car stable by redistributing the weight of the entire car. If a stabiliser link is loose, you will hear a noise under your vehicle. If the link breaks, the noise will likely go away, but you will experience handling issues and excessive roll.

What are the common symptoms of faulty stabiliser links?

Following are the symptoms of faulty or worn drop links:

What are the recommendations about stabiliser (drop) link replacement?

Stabilizer links should be inspected as part of full service, as well as t the time of wheel alignment or suspension work is done. If a link on the stabiliser bar is loose, broken or the dust cover on the link does not hold the Greece , find a mechanic and get it replaced soon as possible.

Can I drive with a faulty drop / stabiliser link ?

Your car's stabiliser bar links prevent body roll, which in extreme circumstances can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. It is important that the stabiliser bar links are intact, so you should replace any broken links immediately.


What is a cost of drop link / stabiliser link replacement?

The cost of replacing a stabiliser link/ drop link depends on the vehicle and area you are living in. Typically it will cost you between £40 to £80 on each wheel. To find out the exact cost of replacing a stabiliser link / drop link on your car, select your car make and model at the top of the page. You can book a mechanic on-line with smart servicing centre for all your car repair and maintenance needs.