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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a query, our FAQs should be able to point you in the right direction. If you're not able to find an answer to your query, our Customer Services team will be happy to help you by email at

Inspections do not come with a warranty. The purpose of the inspection is to give the customer an honest and true reflection of the state of the vehicle.

If there’s any fault with either the parts or labour within 12 months, we’ll put everything right, completely free of charge. Just email or call our team on 0330 113 62 63 and we’ll take care of it.

Smart servicing centre services all makes and models of cars, within or outside of the manufacturer's warranty. Not only that, we also service vans and fleets, as well as offering MOTs and repairs. If you don't see your make or model on our website, then call for a quote on 0330 113 62 63.

Your car warranty will not be affected by using a Smart Servicing Centre. Due to a change in law in 2002, car manufacturers are not permitted to stop you using an independent garage to service your car. In order to keep everything ship shape, we would advise following your manufacturer’s scheduling, and using official manufacturer parts. This may increase the cost slightly, but you’ll always get a better deal than you would by going to a manufacturer garage.

The mechanics / garages on our network are all vetted according a 3 point check on work history, qualifications and accreditation. Moreover, our users can rate mechanics after each job, with all ratings made public on our review section. Overall, this means unprofessional mechanics / garages will quickly be weeded out of our network. All to ensure the mechanics / garages on our network are of a suitable standard and integrity.

You can cancel your booking with us, but please note that there may be a charge when cancelling a job with less than 24 hours notice. Please see our Booking Policies on

If you are unsure what kind of work needs carrying out to fix your car or if you are unsure what's wrong with your car we would recommended booking a diagnostic inspection. During the diagnostic inspection the mechanic will inspect the issue or faulty component and will endeavor to make any repairs if possible (not including any parts). If necessary, the mechanic will provide you with a full quote for further work that needs to be carried out to get your car's problem sorted.

Before sending a mechanic out to you we do a pre-authorisation check to ensure the funds are available in the account to charge, please note that no money will leave your account at this stage. You will only be charged after the work is completed.

From the day of your service, all parts and labour are covered by a 12-month guarantee - or 12,000 miles guarantee, whichever comes first.

Our pre-purchase inspection helps customers make their purchasing decision easier with a mechanical inspection at the seller's location. We have a comprehensive checklist that the mechanic goes through, and they will provide you with a written report and a follow-up call describing the state of the vehicle (if applicable). We save you the time and headache of checking the vehicle over yourself, and you could potentially save thousands of pounds of future repair bills.

After making a booking you will always receive an email confirmation from Smart Servicing Centre. This means your booking has been successfully received and we are working towards placing it with one of the mechanics / garage on our network. Once one of the mechanics / garage on the network has confirmed availability, you will receive a further email confirming that your booking has been scheduled with one of the mechanic / garage.

In first instance, if you are unhappy with the job the mechanic did please try to resolve the issue with the individual mechanic where possible, If you cannot reach an agreement with the mechanic then it is possible to escalate this to the Smarts Servicing Centre team to help resolve the issue by email We will launch an investigation and will make a decision as to how to continue, based on the information provided by both sides.

No. We do not offer a “Labour only” service where a customer provides their own parts. This is because all mechanics operating in our network must offer a 12 month warranty on their repairs, and in order to do so they must be able to guarantee the quality and suitability of all parts supplied.

We take all payments through our site, when you make a booking you will be asked to enter your card details to reserve your slot. Before sending a mechanic out to you we do a pre-authorisation check to ensure the funds is available in the account to charge after the job, please note that no money will leave your account at this stage. You will only be charged after the work is completed.

It might be that the repair work you are looking for appears not to be listed on our site. In some cases that can be down to the fact that the job has a different name on our site to the name another garage uses. Sometimes, a job is not listed on our site at the time, generally because a manufacturer has not supplied us with the exact repair times for a certain repair. We update our database with new jobs on an ongoing basis, so it might be likely that the desired job will become available in due course. However, this does not mean we cannot carry out the work desired, just leave us a message, we will check up and get you a quote.

We recommend a full service every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. If you've not used the car so much in that time, you might only need an interim service. We will always check the manufacturer's service schedule, as every car has different requirements.

In some cases. Our major and minor services come with several fluid top ups for several components. Please note, these top-ups are subject to fair usage. Where larger quantities of fluid are required an additional cost may be quoted and charged by the mechanics.

Not necessarily. We use our own service schedule which whilst being very thorough, may vary slightly from your manufacturer's. Any additional items not included will be classed as an advisory.

We do not perform a diagnostic check during our services as the checks are only required if the warning lights have illuminated on the dashboard. A full diagnostic check can be added to your service or booked separately online or over the phone.

Yes, but please note that only the VAT registered mechanics on our network are able to service cars that are still under warranty. Important: When you make a booking for a service through our site, you must add a note to your booking or contact us to let us know that your car is still under warranty. This will ensure only VAT-registered mechanics will accept your booking.

Yes. Upon completion of your vehicle's service, the service indicator is turned off.

In the unlikely event of this happening, we will organise the correction free of charge

Yes, but this would depend on the individual mechanic. When making a booking through our site please leave a note telling us you need your service book stamped. We will verify with the mechanics on our network in your area before assigning a mechanic.

No, you do not need to be present on-site necessarily, as long as the mechanic can gain access to the car. That means you or someone you authorise should be there to give the mechanic access to the car.

Please contact the mechanic / garage direct in the first instance, to arrange for the issue to be resolved. If you can not get a resolution it is possible to request Smart Servicing Centre to mediate the process to establish whether the breakdown is related to the work carried out by the mechanic or not. A decision on how to proceed will be taken accordingly.

Normally we ask for a day's notice when you make a booking to ensure that we can get you booked in with a mechanic. However, we can always try and find a mechanic on our network that is available to come out to you on the same day. Just leave us a message, we'll try and get sorted for you. Remember the earlier you booked, the more likely it is that we will be able to accommodate your booking.

The mechanic is usually able to carry out most repairs on the roadside, as long there is enough free space to work to ensure a safe working environment. A drive or similar large space is not necessity but of course preferable, it will make the mechanic's life easier and safer. If no suitable space can be found, don't worry, many of the mechanics on the network are able to take the car back to carry out any work.

No, the mechanic would not be able to take the car for a test drive. Driving a car with an expired MOT would be illegal, the driver could prosecuted in court.

Yes. An MOT for a class 4 car costs £45 including a free collection and delivery.

No, we only take credit and debit cards which we take at the point of booking, to ensure that all payments made are logged and transparent to all. It will, moreover, protect you in case you are not happy with any work that the mechanic has undertaken, this way we will have the ability to refund any work undertaken by the mechanic. We would not be able to enforce that with a cash payment. Importantly, it will mean you will always have the added security of your bank's card protection.

We're sorry to hear that. Naturally, we want to provide you with a resolution as soon as possible. Please email your query along with your reference number or registration to and we will respond within 2-3 working days.

If the mechanic / garage has failed to communicate with you as to why the repair wasn't completed at another time please contact our customer service team. We will try and get in touch with the mechanic / garage and / or launch an investigation where necessary. For ways to contact us please see

Sometimes it might turn out that other or additional parts are needed to fix your car. In these instances the mechanic will endeavor to get the parts and return at another time you agree to, to carry out the repairs. In some cases, due to non-availability of parts in your area, this might mean that the mechanic will not be able to return until another day.

We take all initial bookings online, through our website / Platform. it's really simple to book, it only takes one minute. Just put in your reg number and postcode, find the repair, service or inspection you need and follow the booking instructions.

Some manufacturers, like Mazda, will have digital service records where information on all the services a (recent) car has ever had will be stored. Normally, digital service records will only be available to official dealerships and registered independent centres and mechanics. Whether a mechanic is able to update digital service records will depend on whether they have access, or can get access to the digital service records. We advise to send us a message before booking, we will verify with the mechanics on our network in your area.

Yes, even if a certain repair job, service or inspection is not listed on the website we'll more than likely be able to help you. Just send us a message with details on your car and what you need. We'll tailor a quote accordingly.

Yes, within each region of the UK all the mechanics on our network have agreed to the same labour rate. The majority of mechanics in our network are not VAT registered, so in most cases there is no VAT to be added. The mechanics who are VAT registered will contact you before they visit if an additional charge for VAT is required. The labour rate in each region of the UK is between £46 and £66 per hour, with London as the most expensive region and North West England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales as the joint cheapest.

The mechanics on our network will only use brand new parts from our selected parts suppliers and dealerships. All parts unless otherwise stated will be aftermarket, and in many cases these will be OEM parts - which are replacement parts made by the same manufacturer as originally fitted. Should you wish a branded/genuine part from your car's manufacturer, then we are happy to supply, please note that these parts will generally be significantly more expensive often no different from an OEM part.

We take all bookings through our website. After entering your car's reg number and your postcode on the homepage, please find the repair, servicing or inspection you need in the booking section of the site. Having made your choice, please enter any further details requested and make your booking.

Smart Servicing Centre is the UK’s fastest growing platform that connects car owners for their car servicing, maintenance and repairs needs to the Country’s best Mechanics and Trusted Garages. We are a bridge that connects our customers to professional Independent mechanics and trusted garages all across the country. The majority of mechanics on the network will have years of experience working in the car repair trade and will have carried out jobs through the network in the past. Once you place a booking on our site the job is sent to a variety of mechanics on the network near you, after which a mechanic can accept the booking and come out to work on the car.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be the case that a mechanic on our network cannot hold the appointment due to unforeseen circumstances or otherwise. In this case we expect the mechanic to communicate this to us as soon possible, this will enable us to find you a new mechanic in your area to take over the work.

Yes, in this way all payments remain transparent and it will ensure that we have the ability to refund you for work by the mechanic that you are not happy with.

When you enter your card details upon booking please be assured that your cards details are sent over SSL to a secure third party named Stripe (similar to PayPal) for storage, who meet bank-level PCI-DSS security standards.

Once we issue a refund, the money will be on your way instantly, it might take a moment to show up in your account due to the processing speed at the banks involved.

The cancellation of the booking will be instantaneous, the cancellation of the pre-authorisation of the funds will depend on the processing speed of your bank.

If your card has been declined it could be that there is a technical issue with your credit card, in other cases it might be that adequate funds is not available on your card. Please get in touch with us if we have not already done so, we will try to assist you in solving the issue as much as we can.

Just send us a message or give us a call. Please see our contact page: Also, please see our detailed policies on cancelling your booking on:

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